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Alienated from your partner?

Defensive around your partner?

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Isolated and alone?

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“My wife and I met with Cathy over a period of three months to address long conflict in our 11 year marriage. We had almost given up when we started seeing her, but within a couple of weeks we were communicating better and understanding each other on a deeper level. She helped save our marriage, and we are extremely pleased with her approach.”

“We sought marriage therapy with Cathy after seeing another therapist for several months. We weren’t making progress and were feeling even more discouraged when we decided to start over with Cathy. She got to the core of our problems very quickly. We are happier now than we have been in a very long time.”

“Cathy helped us recover from my husband’s affair that rocked our marriage to its foundation. I was devastated and scared when we started, and didn’t know if our marriage would survive. She skillfully guided us through the process of healing and recovery, and we are in a much better place now than before the affair.”

“My wife and I have a long distance marriage, and we were contemplating divorce when we decided to give it one more try. Some friends recommended Cathy Bronza. Although we met with her only once a month for two hours at a time, she was able to lay out a plan for us to strengthen our bond and fall in love with each other all over again. We have been married for 35 years.”

“We traveled from out of town to work with Cathy. She met with us in an intensive format over weekends, and we made tremendous progress. It was an investment but well worth it. We understand our triggers, and how to keep our marriage growing and thriving. We highly recommend the weekend intensive format.”

Cathy Bronza

About Orlando Relationship Consulting

Cathy Bronza, creator of Orlando Relationship Consulting and licensed psychotherapist, brings more than a decade of experience in rebuilding relationships through Couples Marriage Counseling Orlando, Orlando Family Business Consulting, Emotionally Focused Therapy in Orlando and more. She establishes a safe, collaborative alliance with each client and helps them shift out of destructive habits and into productive patterns through Personal Life Coaching in Orlando & Winter Park Relationship Counseling services.

Cathy Bronza

No relationship is immune to difficulty. Everyone falls into damaging patterns of communication from time to time, but the difference between relationships that die and ones that thrive is defined by how quickly you are able to turn those patterns around. That is what makes marriage and family therapy so essential.

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At Orlando Relationship Consulting, working to help you improve self-awareness, build healthy communication skills, and achieve lasting results that will benefit you and your loved ones for years to come is top priority. Founded by Cathy Bronza, a Florida Licensed Psychotherapist, Orlando Relationship Consulting provides relationship counseling, marriage counseling, same sex couple counseling, pre-marital counseling, family counseling, and therapy for families in business together.

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