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Thriving Across Generations with Family Business Consulting

Family dynamics are inherently challenging - add on the stress of working every day together, business disputes, and money stresses, and you’re likely to push even the strongest family to the breaking point. Family owned businesses can activate a number of problems such as competition, favoritism, fear, power dynamics, and mistrust. While personal conflicts can bankrupt businesses, interpersonal cooperation can also springboard family businesses into unparalleled success.

The difference between family businesses that win and those that wither away, comes down to a willingness to reestablish respect and cooperation, despite past disappointments. Families dealing with the stress of running a family owned venture are often in need of objective, compassionate, and strategic mediation. During your family business consulting sessions, time will be spent healing the wounds of the past but more time will be spent solving the conflicts that are limiting your group’s collective and individual potential.

How Orlando Family Business Consulting Can Help

Cathy Bronza has taken her depth of knowledge of relationships and business dynamics into the family business consulting arena. Cathy worked for a national family business consulting firm for 10 years. She is now serving family businesses through her own consulting practice, Orlando Relationship Consulting.

Research has shown that 60% of family businesses fail due to lack of trust and communication in the family. Through a comprehensive and customized design process Cathy provides the safety, framework and structure for business families to grow into more productive and engaged relationships.

Experience & Certifications

In 2014 Cathy Bronza was awarded Certificates in Advising Families in Business and Families of Wealth by the Family Firm Institute in Washington, D.C. These certificates are presented to individuals who have achieved comprehensive professional knowledge and gained significant expertise that can be used as value to family business owners and family wealth clients. These distinctions ensure that the highest standards in professional best practices will be implemented.

Family Business Consulting addresses:

  • Generational issues
  • Succession plans and ownership issues
  • Family working in and out of the business
  • Communication challenges
  • Disputes regarding roles and responsibilities

Accessing the state of your family businesses and the relationships behind those that run it is the first step towards repair/improvement. With open lines of communication, collaboration with you to formulate a plan of action that addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by your family-owned enterprise will begin the planning process. It is never too early to take advantage of family business consulting services.

  • Family business consulting services are designed to help heal relationships and realign individuals behind common goals. If you are interested in raising your business’s bottom line and healing your family from the inside out, your phone call is welcome.

Working With A Family Business Consultant

Looking for a family business consultant? Orlando Relationship Consulting is here to help specializing in family business consulting in Orlando. Along with an interest in helping clients achieve personal growth, focusing on repairing and strengthening relationships through Orlando Life Coaching, Orlando Couples and Marriage Counseling, and Winter Park Relationship Counseling is a primary concern. You can rest easy knowing that Orlando Relationship Consulting offers the utmost professional and compassionate care with every client treated. Receive the care you deserve by calling today to schedule your introductory appointment.

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    Orlando Relationship Consulting

    At Orlando Relationship Consulting, working to help you improve self-awareness, build healthy communication skills, and achieve lasting results that will benefit you and your loved ones for years to come is top priority. Founded by Cathy Bronza, a Florida Licensed Psychotherapist, Orlando Relationship Consulting provides relationship counseling, marriage counseling, same sex couple counseling, pre-marital counseling, family counseling, and therapy for families in business together.

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